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I thought we agreed to never be creative again.

I fucking hate this as I reblog it to my page immediately

makes me kinda angry idk???


What is this from?

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Wonder Woman fantasizes about how she’d prefer to deal with Batman’s rogues gallery.

From Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #2, by Gail Simone and Ethan Van Sciver.

This page makes zero sense without the page before it and the one after.

Apparently Two-Face is hollow and filled with raspberry jam.

Well, to be fair, Two-Face has always been one of the most delicious bat-villains. Him and Humpty Dumpty.


No harm done, it’s just this is a culmination of several factors being thrust at Diana. 

It’s a fun issue. :)


○ = Your name.☺= One phobia.♬ = Favorite song.§ = How do you feel?☁ = Tumblr crush.♠ = First person to follow you on tumblr.♧ = Hot or cold.☆ = Favorite food.☮= Your inspiration.☼ = Your first URL.☻= Are you happy right now?Þ = Favorite film.♣ = Lucky number.ϟ = The song you are listening to right now is…✖ = Make me choose:Singer: ________ or ___________?Book: ________ or ___________?Character: ________ or ___________? 


○ = Your name.
☺= One phobia.
♬ = Favorite song.
§ = How do you feel?
☁ = Tumblr crush.
♠ = First person to follow you on tumblr.
♧ = Hot or cold.
☆ = Favorite food.
☮= Your inspiration.
☼ = Your first URL.
☻= Are you happy right now?
Þ = Favorite film.
♣ = Lucky number.
ϟ = The song you are listening to right now is…
✖ = Make me choose:
Singer: ________ or ___________?
Book: ________ or ___________?
Character: ________ or ___________?